Guitar for HIS GLORY


† Welcome to GuitarforHISGLORY! A site dedicated to the worship guitar community †

Launched in June 2015, GuitarforHISGLORY is a site dedicated to the worship guitar community.

What does GuitarforHISGLORY offer?

  • Demos of popular effects pedals in a worship context. GfHG also provides written reviews of many of the most popular overdrive pedals available today.
  • Tutorials of corporate worship songs.
  • Practical Playing tips for the modern worship player.
  • Guitar consulting sessions.
We pray these resources help you gain confidence to lead God’s people in worship!

Facetime/Skype Consulting Sessions

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.46.48 AM

  • Want to unlock your playing? 
  • Need a few “aha!” moments to help your transition into the worship genre?
  • See some playing techniques/effects settings/approaches to songs  you’d like to dive a bit deeper into? 
  • Specific parts in songs you want to learn?
  • Have questions in general about gear, technique, etc.?

Feel free to reach out to me regarding FaceTime/Skype consulting sessions. Half hour ($25)/hour ($40) time slots available.

I have 1 slot available for May and am booking for June.

Contact // Payment accepted via PayPal

Visit us on YouTube for pedal demos, playing/gear tips–all catered to worship-style playing!


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Some people donate when they grab presets from the site. Any amount is appreciated!

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43 thoughts on “Guitar for HIS GLORY

  1. Hello, I was trying to contact you for the pedal giveaway. I was the winner, but don’t seem to have a message you button on my app. Maybe this will suffice. Thank you so much!! I just joined a worship team (even though I’m 40yrs old) and have been starting up a pedal board. I could totally use this gem!! What an honor! Please reply to let me know if this reaches you in time. I hope so!


  2. I really appreciate your work and tone! Curious, what in ear monitors do you use? Are they what you use at home or monitors?


    • Mel,

      Thanks for the compliment! I used UE600s for a while. I found a great deal ($25); they were great for guitar. They lasted about two years. Tried to find them again with no luck.

      Switched to Havis ($65). Awesome value.

      I also own a pair of 64 Audio U2. Pricey, and I can’t tell the difference between them and the Havis.

      Long story short: I normally use knock off headphones for IEMs. Haha.



  3. Hey man I just discovered your YouTube channel and watched about 2 hours worth of videos. Your content is so helpful. I want to encourage you to keep making content and uploading timeline and bigsky presets they are such a huge help. Thank you so much!!!


  4. Hey man! Thanks for serving the Kingdom! I’m in a Christian Modern Worship cover band, holding quarterly city wide worship nites in the town I live in as well as neighboring towns. I was wondering how I get ahold of a tshirt with your “guitar for His Glory” logo? Thanks for your time!


  5. Hey man. Was watching your gear video and am interested in your Elliot guitar. What’s the best way to talk more about it?


  6. hey brother! love your channel, God is doing an incredible thing through you for people like myself. so want your opinion!
    recently built my pedal board that im “content” with. Say it like that because im learning ill always want change haha. however i feel like im wasting a spot on my board with my b9 organ machine. super cool pedal, 0 practicality on a worship board. Im playing through a tele with porter custom pickups, and a vox ac15. right now my board in order is:
    tuner, keeley comp, micro pog, analog man KoT, ts9 (open to removing for better OD), boss super chorus, b9 (had it after the compressor, but wanted pog before my dirt), then tc nova delay, strymon big sky, earthquaker tone job (mid boost/ low low drive) into a ditto looper.
    so my question really is, what could i replace the organ pedal with that you think i would use in a worship atmosphere practically? also, my ts9 muddies up my sound a bit too much since i use it as a stage 3 over drive. i have my KoT set to overdrive on one channel, and a heavier OD on the other. stack em to make a nice level 2 drive. however like i said, the ts9 at the level 3 kind of kills the tone. any suggestions there as well?thanks for your time man, and God bless !


    • Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you have a great setup! As you know, all this stuff is personal preference. I love tremolo, so I’d probably swap the B9 for a tremolo pedal. Diamond (awesome), Cusack and Matthews Effects come to mind.

      Concerning the drives: Sounds like you have all you need between the boost and the KOT. Depending on how hot you run the KOT, you could add something with a bit more gain and different character. Maybe a JHS Superbolt? I am a Morning Glory fan; it sits in the same place as the lower and brighter settings on the KOT, so if you run the KOT with more gain and a bit darker like I do, then the MG would be a fantastic low-gain compliment.

      Hope that helps! If you have more questions, I’m always happy to give my opinion.




  7. I also have a KPA and was curious:
    1. What is your current “go to” profile?
    2. What gain and KPA effects, if any?
    3. What direct out to board? Main XLR or Monitor? 4. 4. 4. What db levels?

    Thank You!


    • Mel,

      Good questions!

      1. M Britt profiles almost exclusively. Divided by 13 JRT915 or ERT33, Matchless JJ30 or Vox AC30. I also use a Vox AC30 profile by Hannes Kelly. I cover most of this in the video I made about the Kemper.

      2. No Kemper effects. Gain is usually between 10 and 12 o’clock.

      3. Left XLR out to the mains. 2.5 to 3 on the Master.

      Hope that helps!



      • Great Help! Thanks!
        How about with the “Master” button on the upper right, the screen for “Output Volumes?”
        Main Volume?
        Monitor Volume?
        Headphone Volume?


      • Thanks Troy! I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why KPA sounds really good at home though my CLR and Equator D5’s, but when I tried it at Church it sounds “digital” with left XLR out. Now I’m starting to wonder if it was the signal output level?


      • Happy New Year Troy!
        Love your tone and touch! I was wondering if you could share which MBritt /13 9/15 is your “go to?” I see there are three EL 84’s, (1,3 or 5), and three 6V6’s(1,3,4)? Any special eq or gain?


      • Happy New Year! I can’t recall the number (1, 3 or 5) but I use the EL84 profile with a good bit of gain. I then back down the gain to about 11. EQ and everything else to taste.


    • Jacob,

      Thank you for the kind words. Glad the site is helpful.

      I hadn’t planned on posting my Möbius settings, as I only use three/four sounds that are not hard to dial in. I’m happy to make them available if folks are interested, however.

      Merry Christmas!




  8. Troy! So glad I found you and your site and channel man. I know God is proud and pleased with you because you are being an excellent steward of the gift He has given you by not only leading worship, but giving others guidance and help so that we can more effectively lead the congregation to worship God without distracting them with our mistakes!

    So my question is in how to best utilize the latter half of my pedals (after ODs). In the chain I currently have the Strymon DIG, to the Strymon BlueSky, to the Walrus Descent Reverb, to the Strymon Timeline, to a looper, and to the amp. I want to buy a nano POG now to incorporate some low octaves and big soundscapes to the overall sound. Where should I place it in the chain? Before the DIG, or before the overdrives (after volume pedal)? Would you recommend a POG for a more complete and full ambient sound?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks man


    • Hi, Leo! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad to hear the site/videos have been helpful!

      My pedal chain is as follows:

      Mercy Seat
      Strymon Riverside
      King of Tone
      Morning Glory
      RC Booster
      El Cap
      Big Sky

      That’s personal preference for me. I always encourage experimentation. As you likely know by now, there is no “one size fits all”!

      However, that’s where I landed with mine. Maybe you can start there and see if it suits you as well.

      The POG is definitely a nice addition to round out your ambient sound. I actually use mine quite a bit. It’s one of those pedals that adds the right amount of spice and flavor when needed. I say go for it!

      Blessings and Merry Christmas,



  9. Just downloaded your presets and can’t wait to get home and upload them! Thank you so much! Love watching your videos because your tone is just fantastic and I like that you choose “non traditional” voicings for songs I’ve been playing for years. Really helped me expand my playing brother….thank you and God bless.


  10. G’day from Australia. Love your site. I’m looking to get a Big Sky to cover my reverb needs and have been looking at your typical setup as I love your tone. I see you use the Wet Reverb for your ‘always on’ setting, then you add your other Reverbs via the Strymon on top of this, correct? Wondering if there’s a preset patch similar to your Wet Reverb setting on the Strymon and then whether switching to your washy presets without the ‘always on’ pedal underneath would change the tone much from what you use? Sorry to ask, but I don’t have the pedal yet to try out your presets and definitely can’t fund 2 pedals at this stage! I’m also not too lazy to play around and search for the tones, but I’m not great at finding something that sounds as good as you already have! Bless ya


    • James,

      Nice to hear from you, bro! Glad the site has been helpful in some way. You are right about my reverb setup: Wet is always on; Strymon adds more. You can start with the patch I call “Washy ‘verb”; just back down the wetness a bit. That would be pretty close. You can download that on the landing page of Hope that helps, bro! If not, feel free to shoot me an email at and we can chat more!




  11. Hey Troy, thank you so much for what you are doing! This is such a helpful resource. I pray that God continues to bless your efforts!

    Had a pedal question: if you were going to use a single overdrive would you choose the riverside? I’m currently using an American tele with Lollars into a 5w bad cat. I’ve own a BOR and sold it for the same reasons you have described. I’ve also liked the full drive stuff and have pondered going with that, just figured I’d see what you thought?



    • Collin,

      Nice to hear from you! Glad the site has been helpful to you.

      You know, I don’t know if I could actually get by with ONE drive. If I had to, that drive would have to be a true two channel drive, for sure; so, in essence, I’d still have two overdrives — LOL. I say that because I would need a light, clear gain overdrive (think JHS Morning Glory) and a heavier overdrive; there’s no getting around it. JHS Double Barrel, Strymon Sunset, Analogman KOT, would all be at the top of my short list.


      • Thanks man! I also have been thinking about switching out the single coils in my tele for something like the el rayos. Would you have any draw backs with that or other suggestions?


      • El Rayos are about as close as a humbucker can get to sounding like a single coil. Really awesome pickups, if you’re more of a single coil guy. I love them!


  12. Hey man! I tried to download the Strymon timeline settings from Dropbox but it is downloading as a .txt file. Anyway to get around this? Thank you for the resources!


  13. Troy, thank you so much for your willingness to share your guitar journey in all of your videos and website. Your passion is infectious and I’ve shared this resource with many other people looking to improve their playing/tone while glorifying God.

    Had a quick question, I’m in the process of getting the gain staging/output level correct on our kemper for FOH and monitoring. Could you share some of your thoughts on your typical rig volume level and master volume level for consistency over different profiles? I’ve seen your settings on your videos, but would love to hear your insight on the general philosophy of levels in the Kemper for rig level vs master output level. Do you keep your master volume thru the XLR consistent and change the rigs output volume?

    Thank you in advance, blessings to you and your family.



    • Sam, thank you for the kind words my friend. Very glad this stuff has been helpful to a few out there. I wish I was more help with the Kemper. I’m not a big tweaker. From what I can remember, the Master stays around 2.5 to 3 (not o’clock, but the numeric value on the Kemper). Rig volume . . . maybe between 12:00 and 2:00 (o’clock this time). I just sort of “ear ball” it, if that’s a phrase…haha. So it sounds like a “yes” to your last questions. Master generally stays the same, which makes things a bit easier on the sound guy.

      Thanks for the well wishes to my family, as well. Right back to you and yours, brother.

      God bless,



  14. Hey, I have a super simple question. What sort of rubber feet did you use on the tiny pedal train board to raise it up a lttle(there was a YouTube video)? And where did you get them?


  15. Hey Troy,

    Have you ever used or have you heard the Line 6 Helix in action? I’m definitely looking into some sort of sim and the kemper looks awesome but for the same price I could theoretically get the helix which comes with everything. Would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks!


    • Hi there! I have heard and played the Line 6 Helix. Not a fan. I couldn’t squeeze many tones out of it that I liked. Drive tones were pretty good. Clean, not so much. Delays and ‘verbs were really subpar. BUT, check out Alex on YouTube (AlexGuitars). He has mastered his and it sounds awesome. If you’re willing to dig deep and spend much time tweaking, I know you could make it work — he does, for sure!


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